The Curious is a mysterious story collector who appears at the beginning and end of most episodes of Creeped Out.

Little is known about The Curious, who always wears a mask and hooded jacket and is often seen flexing his fingers. He has a distinctive whistle. According to The Narrator, when you hear his whistle, you can be sure something creepy is about to unfold.

At the beginning of each episode, The Narrator provides a new detail about The Curious before asking a question of the audience, usually relating to the topic or moral of the episode. At the end of each episode, The Curious takes away a memento of the story.

Exceptions to the above are:

  • In Marti, rather than collecting a souvenir, The Curious appears to take a photograph of the audience.
  • As Side Show is split into two parts, The Curious does not appear at the end of Part 1, nor the beginning of Part 2.
  • Kindlesticks is the only episode in which two versions of The Curious appear in the same frame.
  • In Shed No Fear, The Curious is – uncharacteristically – seen dancing.
  • Also in Shed No Fear, The Curious seems to be able to draw an object closer to him simply by holding out his hand, suggesting he may have superpowers.

The Narrator tells us the following about The Curious:

  • No-one has ever seen beneath his mask (Slapstick)
  • He senses when a tale is about to happen, and is drawn to them (Cat Food)
  • 'He' could be a boy, girl or not even human (Trolled)
  • He appears in the backgrounds of photographs, going back decades (Marti)
  • No-one knows whether he has a family (A Boy Called Red)
  • It is unknown whether he has control over his own actions (The Call)
  • No-one knows whether he gets scared (Bravery Badge)
  • It's said that all the stories he collects are somehow connected (Spaceman)
  • He collects a souvenir from every tale he witnesses and keeps them in his satchel (Kindlesticks)
  • No-one knows how many stories he has collected altogether (Shed No Fear)
  • He can keep time perfectly without the use of a watch (The Traveller)
  • No-one knows if he can remember how his own journey started (Side Show Part 1)

The souvenirs collected by The Curious are:


  • The Curious is the only character (besides The Narrator, who is unseen) who appears in every episode.
  • The Curious is played by William Romain in the Creeped Out episodes filmed in the UK, and by Jaiden Cannatelli in the episodes filmed in Canada. In Kindlesticks, Talon Queffelec plays the second Curious.
  • Bede Blake, co-creator of the series, has said of The Curious: "It's designed to be an evolving urban legend. You don't know what's under that mask... Story-wise, he's not a threat to the children. He has his name because he is naturally curious. He's not somebody out to do harm. He's an observer."[1]


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