Stan is the antagonist of the Creeped Out episode Spaceman.


When Stan first appears, he is wearing a black space suit which gives him a tall, imposing appearance. It is later revealed that inside the suit, he resembles a human child with dark, slicked-back hair. For most of the episode, his face is partially concealed by a mask. When this is removed, he is shown to have no mouth.


In the episode Spaceman, Thomas and Spud find a strange device in the woods and take it home. That night, Thomas sees a purple light in the woods; he and Spud follow it to a strange craft containing a figure in a space suit. They press some buttons on the craft's control panel, causing the figure to 'wake up' and chase them through the woods. The alien follows Thomas and Spud into the house and removes his helmet, showing them he is just a child, and says he needs their help to return home.

The next day, the boys try to help the alien, searching for a transmitter that will allow him to communicate with his people. His name is unpronounceable to humans, so Thomas names him Stan.

As Stan gets ready to depart, Spud presses a button on the transmitter that translates the alien language into English. This reveals that Stan is in fact an army commander and Earth is his army's 'target planet'. Spud presses a button that launches Stan's pod into space, misdirecting the alien army and leaving Stan stranded on Earth.

Powers and abilities

As Stan has access to alien technology, it is unknown whether he has any powers of his own. He has survived for an unspecified period of time using the life support system in his pod. His mask allows him to translate alien language into English. Using a transmitter, he is able to contact his people.


  • Thomas and Spud: Stan initially treats Thomas and Spud as allies, using them to help him find the technology he needs to contact his people. He also gives Spud advice about his friendship with Thomas, explaining that Thomas is still missing his old friends. It later becomes clear he has no respect for humans, who he describes as 'pathetic'.


  • William Romain, who plays Stan, also plays The Curious in many episodes of Creeped Out.