The loosely-linked world of Creeped Out is inhabited by various non-human species, usually represented by one being. The various species include:

Episode Species Represented by...
Slapstick Puppet Mr. Blackteeth
Cat Food Koekoeken The Koekoeken
Trolled Troll Sam(briefly)
Marti Intelligent AI Marti(character)
A Boy Called Red N/A N/A
The Call Siren Pearl and Pui
Bravery Badge Unnamed alien creatures
Spaceman Alien Stan the Spaceman
Kindlesticks Monster Kindlesticks(character)
Shed No Fear Shed Monster The Shade
The Traveller Single human entity The Traveller

Note: The Curious's species is still unknown, and Side Show isn't listed because too many species are featured.

Note 2: The underlined species do not get pages, as the episodes they appear in do not give enough information about their species.