Mr. Blackteeth is the antagonist of the first episode of Creeped Out, Slapstick.


Mr. Blackteeth is a puppet in the traditional 'Punch and Judy' style. He resembles an elderly human man, with white skin and hair, heavily made-up eyes, a large nose and arched eyebrows. He wears a pinstripe suit and purple silk scarf. As his name suggests, he has dirty, blackened teeth. He has a distinctive, sinister laugh.


In the episode Slapstick, Jessie wanders to the beach and watches the end of a Punch and Judy-style puppet show called 'Mr. Blackteeth's Theatre of Hilarity'. A boy approaches her and says Mr. Blackteeth wants to 'say hello'. Mr. Blackteeth tells Jessie he can give her the power to control her parents: all she has to do is rap on her forehead three times and say the words 'that's the way to do it'. After Mr. Blackteeth mocks her for being scared, Jessie does as he says.

Mr. Blackteeth's trick works, and Jessie is able to control her parents. However, she soon regrets this choice and wants her old parents back. She returns to the beach, but finds Mr. Blackteeth's tent has disappeared. However, there are posters advertising a 'final show' in nearby Karter Bay. She arrives in time for the show and sees that the puppets now resemble her parents and are repeating their catchphrases. This suggests that Mr. Blackteeth has somehow imprisoned her parents' personalities in his puppets. He tells her they are 'a big hit' with his audience.

Mr. Blackteeth tells Jessie he is in control and there is only one way to save her parents. The boy she met earlier reappears and explains Mr. Blackteeth also tricked him. To free his parents, he had to find someone to take his place, and that was Jessie. He tells Jessie she must now do the same. At the end of the episode, she is seen working for Mr. Blackteeth, searching for someone else to trick.

Powers and abilities

In the episode, Mr. Blackteeth demonstrates the following powers:

  • Ability to move and speak autonomously
  • Ability to imprison the spirits of humans in puppet form


  • Jessie: Mr. Blackteeth successfully tricks Jessie into handing over control of her parents. His motive seems to be to find new performers for his puppet show, as he later gloats that Jessie's parents are popular.
  • Jessie's parents: Mr. Blackteeth transforms Jessie's mum and dad into puppets. They appear to perform happily but, when Jessie approaches the puppet show, they beg her to help them, suggesting they do not enjoy this life.