Kindlesticks is the antagonist of the ninth episode of Creeped Out, also titled Kindlesticks.


Kindlesticks appears in the guise of a small human boy wearing an animal onesie. Whether this is Kindlesticks' true form is unknown.


In the episode Kindlesticks, Esme, a cruel and selfish babysitter, has a job babysitting a child named Ashley Thorne. When she meets a little boy in the kitchen, she assumes this is Ashley. She tries to use her usual tricks to make him go to bed, but he isn't fooled.

'Ashley' tells Esme not to be mean, as 'Kindlesticks doesn't like it when you're mean'. He mentions that Kindlesticks can be invisible, though sometimes you can see his bright red eyes. After 'Ashley' goes to bed, strange things start happening, including food disappearing, a piano playing by itself, crockery being thrown across the room, and the word 'Kindlesticks' being written on the wall in large letters.

'Ashley' tells Esme that to stop Kindlesticks, all she has to do is be nice. As she runs upstairs to call 911, Kindlesticks makes her phone fly across the room, sends an insulting message to her would-be boyfriend Chas, then displays a series of incriminating photographs of the children Esme babysits. Kindlesticks then smashes Esme's phone. 'Ashley' claims he doesn't usually go this far.

When Esme sees Kindlesticks' red eyes shining in the dark, she breaks down, admitting that she is a terrible babysitter. To her relief, 'Ashley' turns on the lights and tells her the whole thing was a trick to teach Esme a lesson.

When Ashley's parents return, it is revealed that the real Ashley is a girl. Esme realises the 'Ashley' she spent the evening with was really Kindlesticks. She sees him standing on the stairs, with his eyes glowing red, but he is invisible to Ashley's mom.

Powers and abilities

In the episode, Kindlesticks demonstrates the following powers:

  • Making objects move without touching them
  • Making Esme's phone write and send texts, and display photographs she doesn't remember taking
  • Glowing red eyes
  • Selective invisibility


  • Esme: Kindlesticks sets out to punish Esme for her cruel behaviour towards the children she babysits. He succeeds, as Esme eventually breaks down and apologises for her actions.